Bouquets, Wedding Decor & All Things Bridal


Classic Style Bouquets

The classic wood flower bouquet is rounded in shape. It highlights the flowers as the main focal point and includes minimalist greenery as an accent. Handle wrapped in  your choice of twine or ribbon



Mini Bridesmaid Bouquet - $40

Small Bridesmaid Bouquet   - $55

Medium Bridesmaid Bouquet   - $75



Medium Bridal Bouquet  - $95

Large Bridal Bouquet   - $125


Toss Bouquet - $25


Handpicked, Wild or Boho Style Bouquets

Handpicked, wild and boho style bouquets have a soft and romantic feel. They are inspired by nature and the beautiful outdoors. These bouquets feature many different types of flowers, greenery and fillers for a freer hand-tied look. Handpicked and wild bouquets have a more elongated vertical look whereas boho is typically wider in style. The same number of flowers are used as the classic, but the greenery and fillers used to achieve this look make the bouquet much larger. Flowers are often handpainted in these bouquets to achieve a true natural look. Handle wrapped in your choice of twine or ribbon. 



Premium Small Bridesmaid Bouquet   - $85

Premium Medium Bridesmaid Bouquet   - $125



Premium Medium Bridal Bouquet   - $155

Premium Large Bridal Bouquet   - $195


Premium Toss Bouquet   - $40


Bridal Cascade Bouquets

Cascade Bouquets offer a luxurious feel with their tear dropped shape and waterfall of blooms and greenery. Some styles have an even mix of greenery and flowers, whereas others might have mostly flowers. Pricing will vary depending on the style chosen. Inspiration pictures are very helpful in determining your custom order quote. Measurements are from top to bottom. 


Small Cascade Bouquet   (approx. 14-16 inches) - $165

Medium Cascade Bouquet   (approx. 17-20 inches) - $195

Large Cascade Bouquet   (approx. 21-25 inches) - $225


Boutonnieres, Corsages & Hair Accessories

Deck out the ladies and gents in your bridal party and honor the special women in your life with our beautiful corsages, boutonnieres and floral hair accessories. 

Grooms Boutonniere  (2 flowers w/ greenery/filler) - $20

Groomsmen Boutonniere  (1 flower w/ greenery/filler) - $15

Wildflower Boutonniere (made with all greenery & fillers) - $18

Ring Bearer Boutonniere   (1 mini flower w/ greenery/filler) - $12

Classic Corsage (3 flowers w/ greenery/filler) - $25

Premium Corsage (5 flowers w/ greenery/filler & embellishments) - $32

Bridal Hair Comb (a mix of up to 5 flowers w/ greenery) - $25

Flower Crowns - custom pricing varies. Please send us an inspo pic!


Centerpieces, Wedding Decor & More

Paint the perfect picture for your wedding day with our custom decor!

Small wood box/vase - $45

Medium wood box/vase -$55

Large wood box/vase - $70

Pricing for centerpieces is a baseline and will vary depending on the types of vessels and greenery used for your flowers. Feel free to send us an inspiration pic and request a custom quote! Wood boxes can typically be made into custom sizing. These prices are based on 6”x 3”, 6”x 6”, and 9” x 9” respectively. 

Small Mason Jar - $25

Medium Mason Jar - $40

Sweetheart table swag - $155

Small/Side Pergola/Arch swag - $175

Large/Top Center Pergola/Arch swag - $255


Bulk discount pricing available for centerpiece packages of 12 or more. Ask for more information in your quote request!